We’re Next Level Vitality.

Our Vision is a holistic approach to empowerment and self -sufficiency.

Our Next Level Vitality program was designed to be a solution to the complexity and challenges of mental health services and community based programming.


Glad to Welcome You

We are a dedicated and compassionate community partner located in the heart of a diverse Arizona region that offers everyone easy access. We aim to support individuals in planning their path toward achieving their goals and reaching their next level. Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest level of care, and every client is treated like a VIP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community based program that serves the community by creating a safe space for growing life to the next level.

Community Action

We believe in a client-centered approach and offer a personalized treatment plan for each individual. Our team works collaboratively with our clients to create and implement a life action plan that is tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our approach is holistic and focuses on addressing the root causes of mental health challenges, rather than just treating the symptoms.

We pride ourselves on being an active member of the community and collaborating with other organizations to provide a comprehensive network of support to our clients. We believe in the power of connection and the importance of building strong relationships with our clients.


Arizona State

Our partnership with Arizona State University offers a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the mental health industry. Our program provides hands-on experience, access to cutting-edge technology, and a personalized approach to education, all designed to accelerate career growth. Join our partnership with ASU and take the next step towards achieving your goals in the mental health industry.